How To Have A Great Deck And Still Have Privacy

We all love a great outdoor space that allows us to enjoy both time and nature. A deck is your own personal al fresco oasis where you can relax with a great cup of tea or coffee. But this great space can easily be ruined by unpleasant scenery, nosy neighbors, or loud cars passing by.

You don’t have to deal with all of that! Here are a few pointers on how to design your deck beautifully while also creating a space for privacy.

Choose That Side of the House.

Certain areas of the house can provide you with more privacy. Check your house plan again, or examine the lines of your house. It could be a location near your garden, or a side that is the most isolated. If you prefer a more secure outdoor space, mark it.

Wall it Up.

Adding a wall to your deck provides more privacy, but it does not have to be a simple wall. You can add a decorative fence to keep your neighbors out of your yard. Above the deck railing, it can also be a patterned trellis. This will make your outdoor space much more private, while also allowing you to decorate it for special occasions.

Cover it with Greens.

If you are a nature lover, then planting trees, shrubs, or tall flowers can help break up the line of sight. Evergreens are the most commonly used plants for creating privacy on raised decks. To create a lush look, add leafy tropical plants. Growing vines around your deck is another beautiful way to seclude it in a greener way.

How To Have A Great Deck-And Still Have Privacy Avon MA Deck Builder

Create A Canopy.

A canopy not only keeps you cool in the heat, but it also gives you a shadier vibe. Install retractable awnings that you can raise whenever you want to add more privacy.

Add a Roof.

Like a canopy, a roof also adds shade to your deck. Because a roof is more durable, you can hang planters, add lights, or even grow vines and flowers in it for a more beautiful effect.

Decorate with Curtains.

Another great way to create a more ambiance is to hang curtains. Decorate your pergolas with quality fabric that can withstand a variety of weather conditions.

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Split the View.

Some people enjoy looking around from their deck. One option is to divide the view from your deck. You can have access to the garden or the street from one side while adding a retractable awning or curtain. We certainly enjoy saying hello from time to time.

Surround the Deck.

If you want seclusion without completely enclosing your deck, consider surrounding it. Build a pergola with a trellis around it. For a more aesthetic appeal, decorate your outdoor space with plants or lights.

Add A Movable Privacy Screen.

Most dynamic people love the convenience of restyling. By including movable screens on your deck, you will be able to re-design it depending on the occasion. There are numerous options available, such as folding screens, movable pallet gardens, wooden panels, and many more

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Now that you’ve learned how to customize your deck for more privacy, the only thing left to do is find the best deck builder to make your vision a reality. South Shore Deck Builders is always ready to help you realize your plan. They can work with your preferences and concerns to make your outdoor experience even more extraordinary. We have professional designers who understand the importance of bringing quality into your home. If you choose any of the suggestions above, our deck builders can perfectly incorporate these customizations into your deck.

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