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How to Prepare Your Deck for Winter?

Home improvement is one of the most exciting yet tedious parts of owning a house. For the lucky people who live in tropical places, home maintenance is one of the least of their concerns. For those who experience four seasons do not only think of the outfit and activities ideal for each season, but about cold weather maintenance as well.  Apart from the living area, the outdoor areas of the house like the patio, porch, or deck should be ready for the coming season. Winter is perhaps the most crucial season when it comes to the preparation of the backyard spaces. Moisture can damage the deck area unless it is made of waterproof materials. As such, deck preparation and landscaping are essential before the coldest months come.

Here are some of the tips and suggestions on how to prepare your deck for winter:

1. Clear out the area and clean it up

Not only debris, leaves, and dirt are common on the deck, but oftentimes, tools, barbeque, and furniture are also visible here. It’s time to clear it out and store unnecessary stuff in a safe place. The wood should be ventilated and the debris between floorboards should be cleaned up. This prevents the mildew from building up. Stains and molds should be removed right away. Otherwise, it can damage and rot the wood. It should be treated and protected throughout the winter.

2. Take time to inspect your deck

After cleaning and clearing out the deck make sure to inspect the entire area, including the top surfaces, railings, footings, and underneath. This will help you spot the areas that need little repair or attention. It is also necessary to assess the deck quality before putting it on hiatus. Check the boards carefully and try to feel if they are still sturdy. If they are spongy, it is an indication that the deck boards are already dilapidated.

3. Fix localized wood damage

Inspecting the deck surface is always recommended. Some decks are seemingly sturdy but have damages underneath. Mildew, moisture, or dripping water from a plant may have caused this damage. If the joists and posts are still intact, then they can be easily repaired. However, there are instances where the services of skilled deck builders are needed. If you are unsure of the next step, don’t think twice. It may cost you more but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

4. Pay attention to weak railings

The best way to check the railing is to wiggle it. If it becomes wobbly, it is a sign for replacement. The screws and nails that hold the railing may be weak and putting additional ones may not solve the issue. Removing it is also beneficial to spot any wood damage.

How to Prepare Your Deck for Winter Canton MA Deck Builder

5. Replace damaged and scratched glasses

Dismantling and replacing broken glass in the deck can be complex. The meticulous replacement is relatively risky. This can be dangerous for a DIY project unless you are skilled and experienced. It is best to seek help from experts in this field.

Make sure to remove any dirt and debris to see any scratches or cracks. Ignoring the cracks may cause accidents and severe injuries to family members and guests. Replacing the cracked glass with quality material is a wise decision.

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6. Examine deck posts and joists

Watch out for joists with rot and deck post damage. Once the post is damaged it compromises the integral structure of the deck. It has to be stable and sturdy. Otherwise, it needs replacement and serious repair.

The strength of the deck depends on the joists as they hold up its entire surface. Ask a professional if you need help with joist problems.

Let South Shore Deck Builders Help with Winter Preparations

South Shore Deck Builders provides deck installation are repairs to the residents of the South Shore. If you find loose or rotting boards on your deck or around the joists, it’s best to repair or replace them before the snow starts. Give us a call at 617-870-0678 to set up an appointment for repairs. Our friendly team is happy to answer your questions.

Not sure where to begin to examine your deck or what you should be looking for? In addition to building and repairing porches and decks, we are also available for inspection services.


Thinking ahead to Springtime? We’re happy to start discussing plans and designs for a new porch or deck to be built in the Spring. South Shore Deck Builders is here to assist with design ideas for constructing the deck, porch, or patio you’ve been dreaming of.

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