How Much Does It Cost to Build a Deck?

Decks are the hottest trend among property investors today. As real estate experts conceded, adding a deck to your property offers a guaranteed increase of return value to your investment. On the other hand, if your reason for building a deck is purely for personal family use, then all the more reason that you should pursue this plan as the conveniences that a deck offers are incomparable to none.

To highlight, you can use your deck to create multifunctional living areas at home for entertainment and relaxation with friends and family. Or, you can use these areas to incorporate a variety of other features built for outdoor living space such as fire pits, installed seating, grills, counter spaces, stereo systems, and more! But, before the excitement continues, you should know first the average cost of building a deck.


In this post, we’ll give you general ideas of the cost estimates and other expenses to be expected when building a deck. Moreover, it has to be noted that factors like complexity of deck design, size, materials used, accessories, and deck builder contractors can all affect the total estimated costs.

Material Costs

In general, the materials you choose for your deck will be the least expensive part of your overall costs. Costs are computed using square foot measurements due to the way decks are built. There is a wide range of materials to use for a deck and each material has various cost attributes. There is pressure-treated wood, steel, redwood, fiberglass, recycled composite, vinyl, aluminum, cedar, and hardwood. On average, the material costs to build a deck range from $6 to $30 per square foot.


Another crucial factor in determining costs is the size of your deck. The average deck size is 10×12 feet and the estimated amount for it is $35 per square foot. Obviously, smaller decks are less expensive since everything is priced based on square footage. So, the smaller your deck, the less you will pay for building it. Plus, smaller decks take less time to build. So, if you’re looking to cut down your expenses, then consider very well the size of deck you’d want to build.

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Design and Styles

Decks come in many different styles and designs. Most homeowners’ choice of deck design is influenced by different factors such as the style of home, needs of the family, and the location. The four most common designs to consider are the following:

  • Platform – adjacent to the house and typically sits on the ground. This design is the cheapest option since it is relatively easy to construct.
  • Tiered – ideal for a location with different ground heights. This design is more complex to build and needs to include a number of safety features such as railings. Thus, it’s expected to be more expensive.
  • Two-story – this design works best in an area with easy access to the house’s upper portion. As such, this deck design can be very expensive to construct given the complexity of its structure and additional safety supports needed.
  • Free-standing or detached – it included features like storage units, gazebos, and multiple levels. Around $50,000 to $60,000 is the estimated cost in building a free-standing deck with varying elevations.
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Additional Features

As your deck can be a great place for doing fun and entertaining activities together with friends and family, you can therefore customize it to fit your personal preference. Want to add a hot tub, a grilling area, a gazebo, or a fireplace? You certainly can do so as long as you deem it serving your purpose. But, always remember that the additional features you’d like to install in your deck will also affect the overall building cost of your deck project.

Hiring a Deck Builder

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