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At South Shore Deck Builders, we know how refreshing it is to sit back and relax on your porch. This is why our porch builders are committed to creating the most stunning enclosed and open porches that you and your loved ones will adore. Our porch services come with a wide variety of custom designs and materials that fit your preference and budget. At South Shore Deck Builders, we love to work closely with you every step of the way.

We have built numerous custom porches in Quincy MA, Hanover MA, and other towns in the South Shore, MA area. Our skilled craftsmen are trained to construct outdoor living areas using high-quality materials and plans that are up to code. At South Shore Deck Builders, our yard workers will take note of your every input and idea to provide you with the custom porch you have always dreamed of. If you want to add a deck or a front porch, we are ready to help. Reach out to us, and will build you a porch of the highest quality.

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Local Screen Porch Builders

If you are looking for a local screen porch contractor near you, then you found the right place. Our porch builders will help you design, construct and install screened porches for your residential and commercial space. We ensure that beams, joints, decking, frames, and screens are properly fitted. We can also add electrical and lighting features for your ceiling fans and other porch features if you would like. At South Shore Deck Builders, we can help you maintain your screen porch with our porch maintenance and repair services.

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Front Porch Service Installation in Easton, MA - South Shore Deck Builders

Front Porch Contractor in Southeastern Massachusetts

A front porch is a great addition to give your home’s exterior a facelift. It can serve as a great entryway that will add curb appeal and value to your property. If you are interested in adding a front porch, work with us. At South Shore Deck Builders, we help you construct a front porch that fits the style of your home. We can build a front porch with elaborate and intricate woodwork, decorative columns, porch swings, and other features.

Farmer’s Porch Builders

One of the most traditional porch styles in New England is a farmer’s porch. It is also the best way to expand your home as it covers the width of your home’s exterior. At Shore Shore Deck Builders, we have built numerous farmer’s porches around Massachusetts. We often used wood decking and other alternatives to build a farmer’s porch. We make sure that your farmer’s porch is well-built and has strong decorative columns for it to last a lifetime.

Porch Repair and Restoration South Shore MA

Over time, your porch will experience wear and tear due to the constant exposure to weather elements. At South Shore Deck Builders, our porch builders can repair and restore damaged or aging porches. We can quickly fix rotting board and structural issues that you may encounter and renew your porch by refinishing or repainting. We can also help you assess the damage and guide you in whether you need to do a simple repair or a full porch replacement. So, if you are facing porch damage or needs decking services, call us! We are expert when it comes to porch repair and restoration services.