10 Ideas to Design or Redesign your Porch

The porch is many people’s favorite part of the house. Folks are captivated by the area’s charm, and for a good reason! So if you are planning to design or redesign your porch, this blog might help. We at South Shore Deck Builders compiled a list to give you some porch design ideas.

A porch should be designed or redesigned with style and functionality. It should also blend in with the rest of the house to which it is connected. Finding the right professional porch builders matters, too. Because you want to execute your vision using suitable materials under the right hands. Creating more space with a porch is a fun project, so you need to achieve its design well. Because what is better than viewing the outside world on a relaxing, beautiful patio?

Here are ten ideas to design or redesign your porch:

1.  Extend your veranda

One of the most common projects is creating more space on your porch. Why so? Because having a bigger space gives you more room to design it. A wraparound veranda gives an extra edge to your home, too! It can be a venue for various events like parties and play areas for your kids. Add extra floor cushions to maximize the space and make the area more cozy.

2. Be creative with a small space

No big space, no problem. You can still design a small area to be fun and functional. For more room and seating, install built-in benches and scatter seats. Create the illusion of a wider space by painting the walls and floor with the same color.

3. Welcome natural light

Bringing sunlight to your porch not only gives it beautiful aesthetics, it brings many benefits too. Natural light helps you conserve energy, improves your physical and mental well-being, and enables you to manipulate shapes in your design.

4. Screen it in

Watch the world from your patio without worrying about bugs. Did you know that a screened porch protects you from different things as well? According to Lanaiguys.com, screens keep out small leaves and small debris, giving you privacy and security at the same time. Your pet’s included!

5. Be bold with colors

Do not be afraid to put a splash of color on the floor, walls, and overhang ceiling. You might also want to consider graphic floor tiles. These add personality to your porch. You can also add in bright chair cushions and greenery for more depth.

10 Ideas to Design or Redesign your Porch Brockton MA Deck Builder

6. Install security

You can only completely relax if you know you are 100% safe. On this note, place security features such as gates and security cameras. The former shields you from the outside view, and the latter acts as your extra eyes.

7. Keep it weather-friendly

Design or redesign your porch with materials that stand the test of nature. What do you think about galvanized corrugated steel panels, shutters, and hardware paint colors? Also, why not put a fireplace and television to turn your porch into an extension of your living room?

8. Keep it open and simple

Strike a balance between practicality and natural beauty. If the area already has a steady and open airflow, maintain it. Pavers and windows that complement the house are also great features for open and simple porch design.

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9. Be nature-friendly

You can never go wrong with being green. On this note, have plants frame your door. Hang them on the railings and ceiling, and erect a bird feeder too! If you are a food enthusiast, you may even set up your own herb garden.

10. Upgrade the bench and swing

How about styling the space with an upgraded porch swing and modern seating? You can attach the swing from a high ceiling, and add a shade and throw pillows to the bench. Hello, coziness!

Create the home that you have always dreamed of! Call us at South Shore Deck Builders to get a free instant quote today. It would be our pleasure to assist you! Let’s get building.

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