The Difference Between a Deck and a Porch

The Difference Between a Deck and a Porch Abington MA Deck Builders

Having space in your yard offers you the basics to build an outdoor oasis. Your two primary options are a porch or a deck and both are considered to be outdoor living areas.

So, the question is, what are the 
differences between a porch and a deck?

Let us begin with the straightforward answer – the primary difference between the two is where they are built or installed:

  • A deck can be placed in the back or at the side of your home. It is commonly used as a recreational area or a living space. 
  • A porch is generally placed in the front of your home. Porches are usually sheltered where guests can stand before arriving at your home.

These differences aren’t set in stone. Yet, front decks are becoming more of a standard option, and back porches are often found in older residences. You’ll also see wraparound porches that surround two or more sides of a house.

What Is a Patio?

Many homeowners usually confuse a patio with a porch, but these are two entirely different areas. While the patio is an outdoor space like a deck, it is commonly a paved area that is located outside of the home but not entirely attached to it. When building patios for homeowners, it is typical for contractors to use stones, bricks, and concrete.

The goal of having a patio is to have an outdoor space where you can relax. Many homeowners with patios like to host gatherings and parties with their friends and families where they can prepare food and serve them outdoors. Once you have a patio, you must invest in outdoor furniture, which you can leave outside and use whenever you want to spend time outdoors. 

Not all patios have the same style; some are much spacious than others. It varies depending on the space available to the homeowner. One factor that most patios have in common is that they are located at the back of the house and may even be built close to the deck.

What Is a Porch?

The porch is a spacious area with breathable walls, but it still has the roof above it. Since there is a roof above a porch, you can relax without dealing with the sun, rain, and snow. The porch is usually built at the front of the home

Homeowners opt for a front porch because it offers them a secure and cozy place to sit out while enjoying the weather and spending time with friends and family. There are various materials used to build beautiful and durable porches for those who would like to have them as an addition to their homes. Some of the most commonly favored materials are wood, PVC, aluminum, plastic, and solid stone. The materials, shades, and styles selected for the porch will differ from one home to another and will depend on the homeowners’ preferences.

There are various styles you can choose from for your porch. You can have an open-air porch with no walls, or you may prefer to have a porch with screened walls. You will need to consider these things before you get this kind of addition to your home.

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Tips for Designing & Styling Your Deck

  • Since decks are built to be more of a functional area, create a space for dining and hosting. You may want to include a built-in table & chairs, grill, or a wet bar.
  • Consider getting some standalone umbrellas and furniture with canopies to build a shade for the uncomfortably warm days.
  • Add a fire pit area where you and your guests can unwind, roast marshmallows, and get warm during the colder season.

Tips for Designing & Styling Your Porch

  • You can have walls and windows installed to ensure their use year-round. 
  • Since porches are built to be a welcoming space, decorate it with beautiful, unique items and furniture that delivers comfortable seating.
  • Opt for a paint that provides warm and relaxing hues since the porch will probably be the first thing your guests notice upon arriving at your home.


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