Advantages and Disadvantages of Floating Decks

Once the interior of your home is the way you want it, your focus shifts to the exterior, where you can add a porch, patio, or deck. There are a lot of things you can choose from to beautify that part of your home. Building a deck is a great option to add more space, especially if it’s made to the perfect size, shape, and design.

An important consideration in choosing a deck for your home is whether it’s going to be an attached deck or a floating deck. An attached deck is one that is directly and permanently connected to the outside of your home, while a floating deck is temporary and can be removed or disassembled anytime.

Attached Deck versus Floating Deck

As the name indicates, an attached deck is attached directly to your home. But, a floating deck is not a deck that literally floats. It is said to be “floating” to indicate the idea of being movable and temporary. Some types of floating deck are limited only to your property line; just not physically attached to anything.

For homeowners who love to cook and entertain outside on their deck, having the kitchen nearby is very convenient and, thus, preferred. Attached decks can also be placed further away from trees, making them less prone to tree damage. Lastly, an attached deck may be enclosed with a screen to avoid pests like mosquitoes and flies.

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Advantages and Disadvantages

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Rising to popularity, on the other hand, is a floating deck. Gone are the days when a fixed deck was the only option. Floating decks allow more freedom for homeowners to decide where exactly they

would like to install their deck. To help you decide better, here is a list of the advantages and disadvantages of choosing a floating deck for your outdoors.


· Movability and convenience. Choose where to temporarily put your floating deck without the problem of detaching it from anything.

· Flexible shape and size. A floating deck is expandable in both. Your imagination is the limit.

· Damages from the weather and other disasters may be avoided. If your deck sustains damage from mother nature, your house will not.

· Easier and faster to build. Because it’s been made to be unassembled and re-assembled, floating decks are much easier to build whenever you want.


· Necessitates more upkeep. Weeds will most likely grow up under and between the planks of these decks because they are typically close to the ground.

· May not bring any addition to the selling price of a property.

· Natural features in the surrounding environment can cause damage. If it is assembled around one or more trees, the deck may be damaged if the trees are damaged by weather or if the tree dies. Roots could also be an issue.

How to Care for Your Floating Deck

Proper maintenance of floating decks highly depends on the type of material used. Wood decks require yearly pressure washing. By doing this on a regular basis, the wood used can be maintained. Unfortunately, after some time, unsealed decks may become gray and show cracks.

Any type of deck has to be stained or sealed every two to four years. Wood materials like redwood and cedar tend to grow less durable over time as they tend to age faster than other materials. For low-maintenance floating decks, choose composite. It retains its original appearance for years with just little cleaning and light maintenance.

Expert Deck Builders in South Shore

Expert Deck Builders-South Shore Deck Builders

Whether it’s a fixed deck or a floating deck you choose to install in your backyard, South Shore Deck Builders know what to do. You get to work with professional deck builders with over a decade of experience when you hire us. Our reputation is rooted in the quality of results we deliver, including the satisfaction and safety that our clients can enjoy.

We won’t let anything spoil your deck building experience or ruin your dream of a nice deck. Your wish for this project is our command. Building the ideal deck for the kind of environment and climate here in South Shore is our top priority so your money won’t go to waste.

Decks are meant to be a lovely extension of your home. Expert deck builders at South Shore Deck Builders ensure to make it as comfortable and relaxing for your family and guests. With us, you don’t have to worry about your deck’s lifespan. We’ll make it last with the craftsmanship of our top deck builders. Begin your deck-building journey today by getting in touch with us at 617-870-0678.

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