Repairing vs. Replacing Your Deck

South Shore Deck Builders Milton, MA - Repairing vs Replacing Your Deck

Backyard decks are perfect for hosting gatherings with friends and family or summer BBQs. Adding furniture, plants, and a grill can improve your home’s curb appeal. As time passes, however, your wooden deck may fade and lose quality due to weather conditions and general wear and tear.

Even though the boards can be fixed and the original frame can be used, the outside of the structure needs work. Surely you want it fixed before anyone in your family or circle of friends is harmed. How do you know when to repair or replace your deck?

If you’re thinking about whether deck replacement or repair is most appropriate, this article aims to provide the answers you need.

When to Repair Decks?

1. It’s Rotted

Rot can set in quickly on decks since wood is typically used in construction. Some of a deck may be embedded in the ground or relatively close to it. So, it’s also essential to keep an eye on such areas. Meanwhile, soft spots in the wood could signal rot, so inspect such regions as well. Besides the deck itself, you should inspect the pillars and railings.

Its Rotted - South Shore Deck Builders Milton, MA

If you locate any rotting areas the size of your thumb, you can chip them out. If you do that, you’ll need to apply a preservative to the same areas to stop the rot from spreading. In the long run, this will be pretty helpful.

2. Unsecured Parts

Unsecured Parts - South Shore Deck Builders Milton, MA

Parents who have ever scolded their children for leaning on a deck railing did so for a good reason. Problems with deck safety can arise if the railing comes loose. Leaning on the railing could put too much pressure on the fasteners, which could weaken them and cause the railing to come loose from the deck.

The looseness of the railing posts can be fixed by retightening the screws or bolts holding them in place. Screws made of other materials can be replaced with stainless steel to boost strength and security.

3. Cracks

When deck boards are exposed to the elements for years, they will eventually crack and break, posing a safety hazard for anyone walking on them. Although they do not cause structural issues immediately, they can deteriorate over time. To fix this problem, you must repair the damaged board with a new one.

Cracks - South Shore Deck Builders Milton, MA

Check for cracks in places that are harder to see, like joints. A careful inspection of your deck will reveal if you need to take more drastic measures, like fixing all the cracks at once. Take note that the biggest issue you’ll face when repairing deck boards is that it probably looks better next to the others. Just stain the new board to make it blend in with the existing ones if that’s a concern.

When to Replace Decks?

1. Failing Ledger Boards

Ledger Deck - South Shore Deck Builders Milton, MA

When ledger boards rot, water can seep in and cause your deck to split from the house. Walk along the deck and look for warped or shaky boards and gaps between the ledger boards and the house. A new hardwood platform should be installed as quickly as possible to prevent further harm to your living quarters.

2. Connections Between Beams Are Very Weak

Joists and beams will support your outdoor living area, providing a stable surface for your guests and furnishings. Look for mushy spots or rotten wood at the deck’s base. Alternatively, check to see if there has been any movement in the foundation. If the deck surface wobbles and a screwdriver may be used to dent the joints, it may be time for a deck replacement.

Connections Between Beams Are Very Weak - South Shore Deck Builders Milton, MA

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3. Poor Postal Connectivity

Poor Postal Connectivity - South Shore Deck Builders Milton, MA

The deck’s rim joists or beams should sit atop the posts to ensure a solid foundation, but deck posts exposed to the elements can decay. Make regular checks to ensure the posts are rot-free and securely fastened. If you want to add some deck and porch design, you could also do it with the right professional.

Hire a local deck repair company to fix your deck!

Whether you repair or replace the deck depends on the extent of the rot and other problems. You should also consider the materials to be used, the size of your deck, and the extent of the work to be done. Just so you know, repairing a structure is cheaper than rebuilding it. But if you are still determining which option is best, find a team of reliable deck repair contractors to help you make the right decision. It’s always a good thing to seek professional assistance.

Hire a local deck repair company to fix your deck - South Shore Deck Builders Milton, MA

Deck Builders South Shore, MA, has professional deck builders who will work hard to ensure you are happy with your finished outdoor space and can enjoy it safely and comfortably. When torn between repairing and rebuilding your deck, you can schedule a free consultation with our design experts. You can find out how we can help you choose the perfect size, shape, application, height, kind of material, design, railing, and deck and porch design.

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