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Why You Should Have a Pergola

Everyone should be able to use their yard as an outside extension of their unique interior design. But sometimes, as you gaze out your door, you may feel frustrated by your small space or wish your landscape design had more flair or was more conducive to entertaining. Thanks to pergolas, your yard can be just as comfortable as your house.

Unlike most typical awnings, pergolas have a uniquely beautiful structure on their own. This is why homeowners often add pergolas to their outdoor spaces so they can relax outside in a welcoming, cozy, and somewhat private space. Their extremely sculptural and architectural design absolutely adds visual interest to a backyard that would otherwise be uninteresting.

Moreover, pergolas come in various designs, from minimalist, contemporary layouts to ornate, intricate, and exquisite constructions. The fact that pergolas give gardeners a way to showcase their plants’ beauty is another reason they are so beloved.

Check out these other reasons why constructing a pergola is a great idea:

Offers a fashionable touch to patios, pool areas, or backyards

Backyard Patio Deck with Pergola - South Shore Deck Builders

The undeniable beauty of pergolas is evident in their elegant design. Their layout offers a fashionable touch to any patio, pool area, or backyard. While their build might catch the eye, there are other ways to improve the pergola’s attractiveness, style, or elegance.

First, you can decide what material your pergola should be made of. You can get pergolas made of wood, vinyl, aluminum, and fiberglass. Depending on your style, these various materials can lend rustic, modern, stylish, or beautiful elegance to your pergola construction.

Your pergola will have a unique touch with plants hanging from the beams or vines growing through them. By hanging lights from the poles or crossbeams, you may give your pergola a romantic atmosphere and additional twilight lighting.

Gathering place for family and friends

Gathering place for family and friends - South Shore Deck Builders

With their shade and beauty, pergolas are a great spot to hold events. They provide the ideal place to eat, sit, or play games and a gathering place for friends and family. They may serve as an appealing entrance to a garden and a beautiful, entertaining, and fashionable addition to any party, barbecue, or wedding. While inclusion is at the heart of its design, privacy can also be achieved by adding draperies, latticework, or screens.

Creates a tranquil, unwinding area

Creates a tranquil, unwinding area - South Shore Deck Builders

Take advantage of the health benefits of being outside without traveling far from home. Welcome a smaller pergola onto your property when the need for privacy and a tranquil place to connect with nature arises. Under a pergola canopy, you may create a tranquil, unwinding area to lounge, take in the rain, read, or have a drink. The natural environment outside your home invites you to take in its beauty and mysticism, proving that living well doesn’t just happen inside buildings.

Provides a sense of privacy

Pergolas with Screen - South Shore Deck Builders

Pergolas can provide a sense of privacy even though they are generally open spaces without barriers. Drapes and screens can conceal views from the surrounding homes from left to the right, but the roof-like structure obscures views from above. The noise from the lawnmower next door or the noisy cars on the road is muffled by these barriers.

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Adds value to your home

Pergola Dimension - South Shore Deck Builders

Pergolas offer a significant return, much like many other landscaping investments. While residing in the property, homeowners can use the leisure space, but they can also anticipate a boost in market value when it comes time to sell. This is related to increased interest in outdoor living areas among potential buyers. Indeed, your home can stand out from the competition and get an additional dimension with a pergola. It gives your yard more room so that plants can grow and flourish. Additionally, it provides an extra barrier against the weather and may be used to block undesirable views. When taken together, all these elements can significantly increase your property’s value and its potential for sale.

Supports landscapes

Supports landscapes - South Shore Deck Builders

Pergolas are stunning on their own and can support other excellent landscaping elements like ivy, vines, and climbing flowers. If you plant these blooms and vines properly, they will climb the pergola’s supports and pass through the beams that resemble the roof. Think about plants like clematis, wisteria, or even grape vines! You can hang planters from the beams as well. Imagine a vast pergola covered in vibrant flowers and climbing vines. This can create a functional visual connection between your home and garden and add vertical interest to your landscape.

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