Advantages and Disadvantages of Floating Decks

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Once the interior of your home is the way you want it, your focus shifts to the exterior, where you can add a porch, patio, or deck. There are a lot of things you can choose from to beautify that part of your home. Building a deck is a great option to add more space, […]

The Difference Between a Deck and a Porch

The Difference Between a Deck and a Porch - South Shore MA Deck Builders

Having space in your yard offers you the basics to build an outdoor oasis. Your two primary options are a porch or a deck and both are considered to be outdoor living areas. So, the question is, what are the differences between a porch and a deck? Let us begin with the straightforward answer – the primary […]

How to Prepare Your Deck for Winter?

How to Prepare Your Deck for Winter Canton MA Deck Builder

Home improvement is one of the most exciting yet tedious parts of owning a house. For the lucky people who live in tropical places, home maintenance is one of the least of their concerns. For those who experience four seasons do not only think of the outfit and activities ideal for each season, but about […]

How To Have A Great Deck And Still Have Privacy

How To Have A Great Deck And Still Have Privacy - Braintree MA Deck Builder

We all love a great outdoor space that allows us to enjoy both time and nature. A deck is your own personal al fresco oasis where you can relax with a great cup of tea or coffee. But this great space can easily be ruined by unpleasant scenery, nosy neighbors, or loud cars passing by. […]

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Deck?

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Decks are the hottest trend among property investors today. As real estate experts conceded, adding a deck to your property offers a guaranteed increase of return value to your investment. On the other hand, if your reason for building a deck is purely for personal family use, then all the more reason that you should […]

10 Ideas to Design or Redesign your Porch

10 Ideas to Design or Redesign your Porch Brockton MA Deck Builder

The porch is many people’s favorite part of the house. Folks are captivated by the area’s charm, and for a good reason! So if you are planning to design or redesign your porch, this blog might help. We at South Shore Deck Builders compiled a list to give you some porch design ideas. A porch […]

Redesign With PVC Or Composite?


Should You Redesign With PVC or Composite Decking For many years, the most popular decking material has been wood; it’s both economical and easy to work with. The only issue is that it requires a lot of maintenance to keep a wood deck in ideal shape. Because of this, many people are now deciding to construct […]